Microsoft Authenticator to support account backup & recovery

Good news for everyone who, like me, uses the Microsoft Authenticator app for all his (or hers) multifactor authentication needs: a much requested feature will soon be available!

Microsoft announced that they will soon start rolling out the account backup and recovery functionality for their authenticator app. This way, when you switch devices, you won’t need reconfigure all your account credentials on the new device.

Backup in authenticator app

The Microsoft Authenticator app beta for iOS already supports this feature, so I went ahead and configured the backup functionality.

The backup is encrypted with your personal Microsoft-account and then stored to iCloud. Because building the foundations using iCloud storage simplified the development process, Microsoft is starting the roll-out on iOS devices the next few weeks. After that, the function will become available in the Android-app too.

More information, and a form to sign up for the beta-release of the Authenticator app for iOS, can be found here.